Welcome to the Introdution of the Fundraising and Donation portion of Signature Cm.
Signature Cm is working in conjunction with other companies which whom are providing services and products for the youth and elderly.

Signature Cm Donations and fundraising portion of the site gets donated to companies whom help and assist the elderly and young in economic whoas, social needs, and a into the educational systems that assist young and old. What is know and called free schools. 

For those of whom are aware that these several issues have been and up hill battle, we are offering an option to invest for a small and in some cases larger returns.

If you select a dontion tab/box it will give you a denomination of $5 increments. Just make it add up to the amount you would like and note how you would like
it invested.

Thank you,
for all particapations from

"Hello and a warm welcome to signature-Cm designs just for you!

We understand that everybody is different and that is why we go out of our way to listen to our clients and tailor our products to their specific needs.
We also like to make people feel comfortable and relaxed in our friendly attire.

We understand how important your look of independence, success and fashionable statements are to you and we work very hard to keep our prices affordable and our quality of service above exceptional.

All of our product is fashionably top quality and top of the line materials used by our taylor craftman. Offering both classic and contemporary styles for men, woman and children alike. We're changing the future look of fashoins apperal. Also how its done with a new outlook of fashion, lifestyle, and carisma for the future.

Sunday: emergecy calls only
                (for fashion police)
Monday: 7am – 9pm
Tuesday: 7am – 9pm
Wednesday: 7am- 9pm
Thursday: 7am - 9pm
Friday: 7am - 9pm
Saturday: 7am – 9pm
Our exclusive products can be ordered online or thru our exclusive agents and dealers. For exclusive deals and bargins call direct and orders will be submitted directly by the owners and thank you for your particapation and orders alike.
Feel free to visit us or call to make an appointment!
PO Box 6794
Albany New York

Customer Service(888)269-6646
Tech Support